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PANASONIC NR-XY680YMMM 616L Prime+ Edition Multi Door Glass Dark Mirror surface Prime Freeze & Prime Fresh NanoeX Wine Rack

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"Experience the ultimate freshness with PANASONIC NR-XY680YMMM - where Prime+ Edition meets Multi Door convenience and NanoeX technology." 

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Aesthetically Designed,
 Healthy Food Storage Solutions

The PRIME+ Edition is a premium refrigerator with thoughtful usability and elegant design that seamlessly blends into your home. Equipped with innovative technologies, it supports your modern, healthy eating lifestyle.

Premium 4-door Refrigerator NR-XY680YMMM


Features Harmonious Design for Everyday Living

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PRIME+ Edition refrigerator seamlessly integrates food storage and meal preparation with innovative technologies. The premium design and superior functionality of this fridge will blend into your lifestyle effortlessly.


Design Philosophy

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A functional and innovative food storage solution designed with a contemporary aesthetic prioritising essential hygiene and freshness values.


Overall Hygienic & Healthier Storage

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With the PRIME+ Edition’s innovative refrigeration technologies, your ingredients always stay fresh, nutritious, and hygienic for healthy eating.


          Freezer that Preserves Freshness & Flavours Locks in Nutrients & Flavours Rapidly

Savour the natural flavours of your favourite dishes with Prime Freeze, which freezes your food up to 5 times faster* to help preserve its flavour, nutrients, and texture.

*Data prepared by Panasonic

Description: Locks in Nutrients & Flavours Rapidly

Neat & Spacious Freezer Space

Store your frozen meals with ease while maintaining a tidy and organised freezer space that is always within reach.

Description: Neat & Spacious Freezer Space

Freshly Soft Frozen Fish & Meat, Always Ready to Cook


Description: Freshly Soft Frozen Fish & Meat, Always Ready to Cook

Prepare quick, fresh, and healthy meals without defrosting. Prime Fresh gently freezes fish and meat at approx. -3°C, preserving nutrients and flavours for up to 7 days*. Easily separate seafood and meat with spacious dual-compartment storage.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Fresher Fruit, Crisper Greens


Description: Fresher Fruit, Crisper Greens

Extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables in an ideal environment. The Fresh Safe with a Moisture Control Filter provides optimal humidity control of up to 90%*, ensuring your produce stays fresh and crisp for longer.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Hygienic Storage Solution for Healthier Eating


Description: Hygienic Storage Solution for Healthier Eating

nanoe™ X Technology keeps your ingredients in a safe and hygienic environment. It is proven to inhibit up to 99.99%* of bacteria, deodorise and neutralise pesticides on fresh produce. A simple rinse is all it takes to enjoy clean and safe ingredients.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Organise Your Bottles Neatly


Description: Organise Your Bottles Neatly

Keep your bottles neat in 3 ways. Simply adjust your storage according to your needs to free up some space, showcase your bottle collections or use it as a shelf for additional storage. The choice is yours.

Convenient Automatic Ice Maker


Description: Convenient Automatic Ice Maker

Easily adjust your ice storage space to keep more ice or make room for your favourite dessert.

Personalised Control, Wherever You Are


Description: Personalised Control, Wherever You Are

Conveniently change settings, monitor energy savings, and receive notifications on your phone. Stay connected and control your fridge for a hassle-free experience via the Panasonic SmartApp+.



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Size and Weight









*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Description: Prime Freeze
  • Description: Prime Freeze
  • Description: Prime Freeze
  • Description: Prime Fresh
  • Description: Prime Fresh
  • Description: Prime Fresh
  • Description: nanoe™ X
  • Description: nanoe™ X
  • Description: nanoe™ X
  • Description: Ag Clean
  • Description: Ag Clean
  • Description: Fresh Safe

Capacity : Net 621L (MS IEC 62552:2016)
 Door Material : Glass

Rapidly seals in freshness & nutrients - Prime Freeze

7 days* freshness for fish & meat - Prime Fresh

Keeps vegetables fresher at ideal humidity - Fresh Safe

Inhibits bacteria, deodorises & neautralises pesticides - nanoe™ X

User-friendly & energy saving



  • Rated Capacity (AS/NZS 4474:2018)
    1. Total
      • 621 L
    2. Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
      • 409 L
    3. Freezer Compartment (FC)
      • 212 L
    4. Vegetable compartment (VC)
      • -
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)
    1. 900 x 750 x 1790 mm
  • Defrost Type
    1. Electric PCB Control
  • Standard / Regulation
    1. IEC 60335-1:2010 (+A1:2013+A2:2016), IEC 60335-2-24:2020,
       MS IEC 62552:2016
  • Energy Consumption
    1. -
  • Energy Level
    1. -
  • Net Weight
    1. 113 kg
  • Gross Weight
    1. 125 kg
  • Voltage
    1. 220 - 240 V
  • Hertz
    1. 50 Hz
  • Number of Doors
    1. 4
  • Door Color
    1. Dark Mirror
  • Door Material
    1. Glass
  • Control Panel
    1. Yes


  • Vegetable Storage
    1. Vegetable Case (Fresh Safe)
  • Humdity Control
    1. Yes
  • Adjustable Tray
    1. Yes
  • Adjustable Door Shelf
    1. Yes
  • Water Dispenser
    1. Yes (Non-plumbed)
  • Water Tank for Water Dispenser
    1. Yes (4L, BPA Free, Carbon Filter, Anti-bacteria)
  • Water Tank for Automatic Ice Maker
    1. Yes (5L, BPA Free, Carbon Filter, Anti-bacteria)
  • LED Light
    1. Yes (3 pcs)
  • Wine Rack
    1. Yes
  • Egg Tray
    1. Yes (10 Hole)
  • 1-2 tray
    1. Yes (Movable)
  • Prime Fresh
    1. Yes (2 cases, Independent, Separately temperature adjustable)
  • Prime Fresh Aluminium Tray
    1. -
  • Prime Fresh+
    1. Yes
  • Prime Fresh Temperature Adjustable
    1. Yes
  • Prime Fresh Temperature Range
    1. -5ºC to 4ºC
  • nanoe™X
    1. Yes
  • Ag Clean
    1. Yes
  • IOT
    1. Yes


  • Separate Storage
    1. Yes
  • Prime Freeze
    1. Yes
  • Prime Freeze Aluminium Tray
    1. Yes
  • Ice Box
    1. Yes
  • Automatic Ice Maker
    1. Yes
  • Twist Ice Tray
    1. -
  • LED Light
    1. Yes (2 pcs)
  • Quick Freezing
    1. Yes
  • Quick Ice Making
    1. Yes
  • Stop Ice
    1. Yes
  • Auto Clean (Ice)
    1. Yes
  • Power Control
    1. Yes


  • Energy Saving
    1. Yes
    1. Yes
  • Compressor
    1. Inverter
  • Refrigerant
    1. R600a
  • Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane
    1. Yes
  • Door Alarm
    1. Yes


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