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Wash smarter, not harder with the PANASONIC NA-S96FC1WMY Washer Dryer - featuring StainMaster+ and Hybrid Dry technologies for a powerful and efficient clean.



Gentle Drying
 Prevents Shrinkage

Smart washer dryer designed for your wellbeing, total hygiene care takes care of your laundry from washing and drying to even tub cleaning. Enjoy easy and carefree laundry with our advanced fabric care technology that protects your laundry to keep your clothes long-lasting.

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9kg/6kg Front Load Washing Machine with Dryer NA-S96FC1WMY - Gentle Dry & Hygienic


Features Protects Your Favourite Clothes with Precise Temperature Control

Advanced software-controlled heat uses the natural air taken through our unique air vents to maintain an internal temperature of approximately 65ºC to gently dry clothes to prevent them from shrinking.

Gentle Drying for Longer-Lasting Clothes

Gentle Dry mode dries items at a relatively low temperature at approximately 65°C to protect your laundry from shrinking.

Easy Drying Modes to Save Time

Save time and hassle with other drying modes, such as "Speed Dry" and "Time Dry", which allow you to dry your clothes quickly and conveniently whenever you need it.

Description: Easy Drying Modes to Save Time

Improves Hygiene in Your Everyday Laundry

Keeps your everyday wear clean and hygienic with innovative bacteria elimination technologies from washing to drying to protect you and your family. Our latest tub cleaning modes keep your tub clean from mould and detergent residues to provide you with clean and carefree laundry.


Hygienic Drying with Bacteria Elimination

Eliminates 99.99%* of bacteria by keeping laundry temperature at approximately 65°C during drying to provide utmost protection to your family while keeping your clothes in their optimal condition.

* As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam/No: 050522/VCCM). Bacteria Elimination rate: 99.99% Escherichia coli 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus. Test conditions apply.

Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash

Description: Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash



StainMaster+ technology effectively eliminates various stains, allergens, mites and 99.99%* bacteria on fabrics with the ideal water temperature of 40ºC to 90ºC hot wash.

*1 Tested by Biostir Inc. Japan.
 *2 As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam/No: 050522/VCCM). Bacteria Elimination rate: 99.99% Escherichia coli 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus. Test conditions apply.

Keeps Drum Clean & Hygienic After Every Wash

    Description: https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/340974/f/11925589.png

    Prevents Mould Growth

    Auto Tub Care prevents mould growth and detergent residue in the tub using hot water to suppress foul odours and keep laundry hygienic.

    2Daily Tub Maintenenace - Auto Tub Care

    Auto Tub Care memorises the wash settings selected and then automatically washes the drum with the matching settings to keep the tub clean.

    Description: Daily Tub Maintenenace - Auto Tub Care

    Special Tub Maintenenace - Tub Clean

    The special Tub Clean feature lets you wash the tub with warm water at 40°C to prevent black mould growth for optimal cleanliness.

    *This course requires a special detergent*¹ for tub cleaning.

    Description: Special Tub Maintenenace - Tub Clean

    Smartly Decides for You

    Intelligent sensors automatically detect laundry load size & weight to adjust washing performance by selecting a wash mode with the right amount of water and duration to provide a clean, efficient wash with minimal energy use.

    *1 Panasonic Corporation Internal Testing / *TEST CONDITIONS: Daily wash with ECONAVI program. Comparison between cotton fabric (loading 8.5kg /water temperature: <17ºC) and synthetic fabric (loading 1.5kg /water temperature: >35ºC). Test conducted based on IEC 60456 with the exception of water temperature
     *2 Panasonic Corporation Internal Testing/ *TEST CONDITION: Cotton 40ºC with and without 3D sensor (5kg loading)

    Saves Space with All-in-one Washer Dryer

    Completes your laundry routine with just a single unit that can do both washing and drying. Compact in size to easily fit in any space.



    Description: Description: Photo of 9kg/6kg Front Load Washing Machine with Dryer NA-S96FC1WMY - Gentle Dry & Hygienic

    Size and Weight









    *Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

    • Description: 99.99%* Bacteria Elimination
    • Description: Allergy Care
    • Description: Easy Stain Lifting
    • Description: Tub Cleaning
    • Description: Gentle Dry
    • Description: Speed Dry
    • Description: Time Dry
    • Description: Smart Wash
    • Description: Fast Wash

    Wash Capacity: 9kg
     Dry Capacity: 6kg

    Hybrid Dry - gentle drying prevents shrinkage

    Hygienic Drying - eliminates 99.99%* bacteria

    Total Hygiene Care - from washing, drying & auto tub care

    AI Smart Wash - intelligently detects your laundry to maximise wash performance, optimise consumptions

    Loading Capacity

    • Washing Capacity
      1. 9kg
    • Drying Capacity
      1. 6kg

    Basic Specification

    • Spin Speed (max.)
      1. 1400
    • Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
      1. 596 x 645.7 x 845
    • Drum Dimension (Diameter x Depth) mm
      1. 525 x 330
    • Door Inlet Diameter (mm)
      1. 310
    • Net weight (kg)
      1. 70
    • Voltage
      1. 220-240V
    • Frequency
      1. 50Hz
    • Body Colour
      1. White
    • Control Panel
      1. Slide touch/Touch toggle switch
    • LED Screen
      1. Amber

    Wash Features

    • Blue Ag+
      1. -
    • StainMaster+
      1. Yes
    • ActiveFoam System
      1. Yes
    • Active Speed Wash
      1. Yes
    • Smart Wash
      1. Yes
    • Inverter
      1. 3Di Inverter
    • IoT
      1. No

    Dry Features

    • Drying
      1. Drying Method
        • Heater
      2. Temp.
        • 90゜C
    • Modes
      1. Gentle Dry
        • Yes
      2. Speed Dry
        • Yes
      3. Time Dry
        • Yes

    Convenient Features

    • Child Lock
      1. Yes
    • Auto Tub Care
      1. Yes
    • Alpha Drum
      1. Yes
    • Auto Restart
      1. Yes
    • Drain Pump
      1. Yes


    • Necessity to Apply
      1. Necessary
    • Applied regulation
      1. SIRIM
    • (EL) Energy label
      1. 5 stars
    • (WELS) water label
      1. -
    • Noise(dB(A)re1pW)
      1. -


    • Number of program
      1. 16
    • Daily wash
      1. Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • Cotton
      1. Cotton
        • -
      2. Normal
        • Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • Cotton +
      1. Cotton +
        • -
      2. Cotton
        • Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • Baby Care
      1. Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • Active Speed 38
      1. Yes
    • Rapid 15
      1. Yes
    • Bedding
      1. Yes
    • Delicates
      1. Yes
    • Tub Clean
      1. Yes
    • StainMaster+ (Collar/Sleeve)
      1. Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • StainMaster+ (Allergy)
      1. Yes (Wash & Dry)
    • StainMaster+ (Mud)
      1. Yes
    • StainMaster+ (Oily Sauce)
      1. Yes


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