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"Experience a powerful and clean home with Panasonic's MC-CL609HV47 vacuum cleaner."


Clean Exhaust Air, Your Cat Won’t Mind at All

Panasonic vacuum cleaner provides a clean air exhaust via a 7-layer filtration system with HEPA. 4 versatile attachments for hard-to-reach and clean areas, while the powerful suction ensures efficient cleaning.

  • Description: advanced megacyclone
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  • Description: GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022
Powerful 2200W Cyclone Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter MC-CL609HV47


Your Little One Loves Clean Air


Vacuum cleaners suck in air along with dust, which is then collected in the dust box and the air is exhausted outside. Isn't it a problem if the dust you have sucked in is released with the air?

Advanced Filtration System with HEPA


Easily Trap Dust via a Unique Filter

The first Stainless Steel Guard filter prevents dust from entering the unit using an oblique structure. This makes cleaning easy by suppressing dust buildup and clogging.

Description: Easily Trap Dust via a Unique Filter

Capture Fine Dust Particles via the 7-layer Filter

The innovative cyclone system and 7-layer filtration with HEPA filter capture invisible dust particles to ensure only clean air in the exhaust.

*MC-CL609 captures 99% of dust particles as small as 0.5 micrometers and 98.5% that are as small as 0.3 micrometers based on internal testing using a dust material (cement).

Dust Accumulates Where You Can't See

Have you given up on cleaning high or narrow places that the vacuum cleaner can't reach? It doesn't feel good to have dust that hasn't been removed completely, does it?

Effortless Cleaning for the Entire House from Floors to Carpets and Shelves

Description: https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/340974/f/11905829.png

Description: Capture Every Speck of Dust in Narrow Spaces

4 Versatile Attachments

These handy attachments clean every corner of the house with a single vacuum cleaner. Reach high and hard-to-reach shelves or even vacuum non-washable fabrics.

Description: Easily Trap Dust via a Unique FilterDescription: 4 Versatile Attachments

Protect Family from Invisible Dust Mites on Mattresses

The mattress nozzle removes dust mites and other allergens from mattresses with an anti- bacterial roller that lifts debris and a brush that scrapes it away.

Rest Assured Dust Is Gone

The dust sensor built into the Mattress Nozzle can detect fine dust particles as small as 70 micrometers to achieve a highly efficient vacuuming experience.

Description: Rest Assured Dust Is Gone

Easy to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

The Flexi Dusting Brush easily reaches high places. The brush gently cleans dust while maintaining full contact with each surface by changing direction.

Clean Curtains Without Snagging

The Curtain Nozzle cleans not only curtains but a wide range of other fabrics. The vents on the attachment prevents any fabric snagging for easy, stress-free cleaning.

Capture Every Speck of Dust in Narrow Spaces

The Crevice Nozzle reaches under furniture and other narrow spaces to get at every speck of dust.

Dust Collects by the Walls and at the Corners

Dust is blown into the air by the movement of people and gradually collects where there is less air flow. This is why there is so much dust near walls and in the corners of rooms.

Clean Wall to Wall and Corner to Corner

The Full Capture Nozzle cover opens along walls to let the vacuum get at all the dust often left behind.

Washable Dust Box and Filters

The fully washable dust box and filter make it easy to keep everything clean and hygienic.

Description: Washable Dust Box and Filters

Stress-free Operation

Adjustable Suction Power

Dual Handle

Move Easily with Big Rollers

Telescopic Wand

Ergonomic Handle

Large 2.2-liter Dust Box

Philosophy behind Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners

Life with Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners

Here are detailed instructions on how to use the attachments and how to clean the vacuum cleaner. Panasonic vacuum cleaners help you with a hassle-free and pleasant cleaning experience.

Description: Life with Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners

Refreshingly Clean

Panasonic vacuum cleaner is not just a tool, it is a way of bringing refreshing comfort to your home. We help you create a space to spend happy and healthy times with your family.

Description: Refreshingly Clean

Japanese Mindset of Cleanliness

To keep your home clean and organized, the Japanese mindset of cleanliness may have some tips for you.

Description: Japanese Mindset of Cleanliness

Get Inspired
  • Cleaning with Full Capture Nozzle
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  • Show video
  • Cleaning with Full Capture Nozzle
  • Cleaning with Full Capture Nozzle
  • Cleaning with Full Capture Nozzle
  • Cleaning with Full Capture Nozzle

  • Description: Stainless steel guardStainless steel guard
  • Description: HEPA filter
  • Description: Full capture nozzle
  • Description: Mattress nozzle
  • Description: Flexi dusting brush
  • Description: Curtain nozzle

2200W Powerful Input Power
 2.2L Big Dust Capacity

Clean Air Exhaust via 7-layer Filtration System with HEPA

Attachments: Mattress Nozzle with Dust Sensor / Curtain Nozzle / Flexi Dusting Brush / Crevice Nozzle

Full Capture Nozzle


Description: Photo of Powerful 2200W Cyclone Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter MC-CL609HV47

Size and Weight









* Cord length: 5.0 m


  • Bagless

Input Power

  • 2200 W

Filtration layer

  • 7

Main Filter

  • Washable (E11)

Exhaust Filter

  • HEPA (H13)

Floor Nozzle

  • Full Capture

Dust Capacity

  • 2.2 L

Power control

  • Variable


  • Ergonomic

Extension Wand

  • Metal Telescopic

Cord Length

  • 5.0 m


  • Metal Grey

Body Weight

  • 5.1 kg

Dimension (HxWxD)

  • 450 x 283 x 268


  • Flexi Dusting Brush
     Curtain Nozzle
     Mattress Nozzle with Dust Sensor
     Crevice Nozzle


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