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EXTENDED WARRANTY (MW+EW) 2 + 3 Extended Warranty

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EXTENDED WARRANTY (MW+EW) 2 + 3 Extended Warranty


The cover provided under the Extended Warranty is for the repair and replacement of part(s) and component(s) in the event the product stated in the Extended Warranty Certificate fails to operate as a result of Mechanical or Electrical breakdown only and only to the extent provided by the manufacturer of the product under the manufacturer’s warranty and extending the warranty period for a further duration beginning on the expiry date of the manufacturers warranty and expiring on the Expiry Date for the extended warranty as stated in the Extended Warranty Certificate.


The Extended Warranty only covers a Product which :-

i. Is purchased new form authorised dealers.

ii. Manufactured for domestic and personal use in Malaysia only

iii. Included at the time of purchase the manufacturer's complete and original warranty valid in Malaysia


The repair and replacement costs of the component(s) or part(s) (including labour charges) or in total for all claims in the aggregate is limited up to the Retail Purchase Price of the Product.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated above, if any cost of repair or aggregate of repairs is likely to exceed the prevailing retail price of the Product, then a replacement item of the same Product or a product of like functionality, will be offered in settlement and Coverage under that Extended Warranty will prematurely terminate on the date that the product was replaced.

The full costs of repairs of Product including parts, replacement costs, labour and transport costs will be borne by Extended Warranty Provider under the provisions of the Contract.

Exclusion - This Contract does not provide Coverage for :

a) Appearance or structural items, such as housing, case or frame, decorative parts or parts designated to be replaced periodically during the life of the product, add-on items, accessories or attachments, external wiring and cabling, battery chargers, racks, bins, knobs, handles, antennas, remote control.

b) Normal routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments or alignment.

c) Problems or defects caused by unauthorized modifications or failure to follow the manufacturers installation, operation or maintenance instructions. Damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel is not covered. Unauthorized repair or replacement of covered products shall result in the cancellation of this plan.

d) Problems or defects due to lack of maintenance as required by the manufacturer

e) Reception and/or transmission problems resulting from external causes, modem or data transfer devices.

f) Any problems or defects not covered by manufacturers warranty.

g) Damage by fire, theft, burglary, accident, neglect, misuse, or abuse. Acts of god including but not limited to earthquake, storm or tempest (wind), sand, water, flood, rising water, lightning, malicious damage, aircraft, vehicle impact, corrosion, battery leakage, power outages or surges, inadequate or improper voltage, or current, animal or insect infestation.

h) Normal wear and tear items not integral or necessary to the functioning of the product or routine service, or if the wear and tear on the part has exceeded the field tolerances allowed by the Manufacturer.

i) Commercial usage (except for office products such as facsimile machines, copiers and computers which are used for home and light office use).

j) Any defects which are subject to a manufacturers recall or which are covered under a manufacturers program of reimbursement.

k) Breakdown caused by computer virus or realignment to products. Defects resulted directly and/or indirectly from software installation and removal are also excluded.

l) Consequential losses of any kind and transportation damage are excluded.

m) Products with removed or altered serial numbers are not covered.

n) Any failure, malfunction, defect, inoperability, breakdown, disruption or stoppage of the product or any product functions or the function of any related components caused by, arising from or related to directly or indirectly any design, planning or engineering compatibility, omission or deficiency with the incidents of the year 2000.


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