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PANASONIC F-M12GCVBKH 48” WIFAN Wifi 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan Mobile App Control

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WIFAN Wifi 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan F-M12GCVBKH – Mobile App Control

Leading Innovation in Comfort

• Wider Air Delivery
 • LED Lighting
 • Mobile App Control
 • Simple and Contemporary Remote Control
 • New Generation DC Motor
 • Yuragi (Natural Breeze Function)
 • Reverse Function
 • Enhanced Safety Features
 • Durable ABS-GF Blades

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M12G/F-M12GCVBKSH/ast-1189836.jpg.pub.crop.pc.jpg


Wifi Connection Mobile Application Control

App-enabled* ceiling fan that connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows user to control their WIFAN ceiling fans using mobile devices.

* Requires Android 6 and above or iOS 12 and above for the app to work.
* One user account can only control up to 8 WIFAN ceiling fans
* One WIFAN ceiling fan can only be registered by 4 user accounts

WIFAN - How to Connect with the Apps?

To start using Panasonic WIFAN with smart devices, you need to download the Mobile App. The Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android.

Advantages of Mobile App Control


Remotely turns on the ceiling fan using the Mobile App before arriving home to enjoy the comfortable air.


Control and manage your ceiling fans from anywhere and anytime using your mobile devices.


Preset your ceiling fan’s fan and light setting according to your preferences to suit your daily activities.

Description: Customization

Energy Efficient

Control your ceiling fan using your mobile devices without having to search for the remote control.

Description: Energy Efficient

Hassle Free

Control your ceiling fan using your mobile devices without having to search for the remote control.

Description: Hassle Free


Operate the ceiling fan at preset schedule (day and time) when away from home or on long vacation as a method for crime prevention.

Description: Security


Make use of the “Scheduling Function”, “Sleep Mode” and On/Off Timer to suits your daily activities

Description: Timely

Time Saving

Controls multiple ceiling fans simultaneously.

Description: Time Saving

LED Ceiling Fan: Adjustable Color Temperature LED Lighting

LED ceiling fan provides you greater space with the lighting incorporated into the fan. LED is used due to its long lifespan and also simply because it is energy saving.

85% Energy Saving* & with the long lifespan of LED light, there is no need to constantly change your light bulb - and reduce garbage waste.

* LED Light compared to incandescent bulb.

Preset Lighting Scene Setting

Preset with 4 light setting for 4 common daily activities.

The preset scene can also be overwritten by adjusting the light setting according to your preferred comfort level and save the setting for easy 1-Touch access.

1/f Yuragi (Natural Breeze Function)

These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze.
 By this sophisticated formula, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans give you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.

Reverse Function

The reverse function rotates the ceiling fan in a clockwise mode and draws cool air upwards and circulates the air around the room for an even air flow and comfortable temperature. The reverse function complements with the functions of an air conditioner and helps to maximize the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

More Silent And Low Noise

Wider Air Delivery
 Blade shapes like an eagle’s wings for wider and stronger air flow.

Description: More Silent And Low Noise

New Generation DC Motor

More Compact DC Motor Unit
Built-in PCB to create a mono form outlook

Higher Motor Power Output
For higher air volume and wider air flow

Advantages of a DC motor:
1. Uses less energy – compared AC motor
2. Quiet operation
3. More compact and lighter motor

New Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Compact Size Circuit
A 3-in-1 and smaller size components driven by high voltage.

Constant Wattage Control
Maintain constant wattage control. Stable delivery of large air volume & wide airflow even when there is fluctuation in voltage.

Memory Function
Memorizes last setting even when wall switch is switched off.

Fan and light will operate at previous fan speed or light setting when the ceiling fan is turned on the next time.

Intelligent Motor Drive System (IMDS)

Motor Faulty Detection – Able to detect motor abnormality such as motor stop or running slow and stops the fan from rotating to prevent unsafe condition.
Blade Faulty Detection* – An additional protection against blade drop. It will stop the fan from rotating to prevent unsafe condition if an abnormal fan rotation is detected.


Helps to manage the ceiling fan according to user’s setting by setting the fan to perform specific commands at specific time. E.g. Helps to turn on/off the fan and LED light* of the fan at specific time.

* Scheduling function for LED light setting is only available for F-M15GCVBKSH & F-M12GCVBKH

Grouping Function

Allow users to control all registered ceiling fans in their app with one operation (One user account can only register and control up to 8 Ceiling fans). This helps to reduce the time for users to synchronize setting for all registered ceiling fans and trouble-free control for those who have many ceiling fans in one house.

Sleep Mode

These fans are equipped with Sleep Mode, by which fan speed and timer will gradually reduce until the fan is off. Fan will reduce by two speeds after every two hours (minimum speed 1) until the Ceiling Fan is turned off. This function not only creates an optimal sleeping environment but also enhances energy saving as well.

* SLEEP MODE can only use with OFF TIMER enabled.
 * SLEEP MODE function is disabled either at Speed 1 or 1-hour setting.
 * SLEEP MODE function will deactivate if Timer Setting is changed.

Description: Sleep Mode

ON/OFF Timer

An advanced version of ON/ OFF Timer, providing 24 hours countdown for ON TIMER and OFF TIMER.

Description: ON/OFF Timer

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Photo of WIFAN Wifi 3-Blade LED Ceiling Fan F-M12GCVBKH – Mobile App Control

Height: 317mm / Width: Ø1200mm (48”)

Air Velocity: 185 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 200 (m³/min)

Noise Level: 41 (dB)

Model No


Motor Type

  • DC Motor (New Generation)

LED Lighting

  • Yes

1/f Yuragi

  • Yes

Remote Control

  • Yes

Mobile App Control

  • Yes

Blade Type

  • ABS-GF (Glass Fiber)


  • Black


  • Width (mm)
    • Ø1200 mm (48”)

  • Height (mm)
    • 317 mm

Power Consumption (Fan Only)

  • Low (W)
    • 3

  • High (W)
    • 31

Forward Fan Speed

  • Low (RPM)
    • 55

  • High (RPM)
    • 170

Reverse Fan Speed

  • Low (RPM)
    • 55

  • High (RPM)
    • 170

Air Velocity

  • (m/min)
    • 185

Air Delivery

  • (m³/min)
    • 200

Noise Level (dB)

  • 41

Wi-Fi Frequency Range

  • 2.4 GHz

Mobile App OS

  • iOS / Android

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