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Bright, Cool and Comfortable

The LED ceiling fan provides you greater space with LED lighting incorporated into the fan-cooling and energy saving at the same time.- LED Lighting - 3 mode selection
- DC Motor Technology
- Yuragi function
- Enhanced safety features
- Greater air delivery
- Durable blades (PPG Material)
- 9-preset speed selection
- 1 - 8 hour off timer
- 2 - 8 hour sleep timer


LED Ceiling Fan provides you greater space with the lighting incorporated into the fan. LED is used due to its long lifespan and also because it is simply energy-saving.85% Energy Saving*
*LED Light compared to incandescent bulb.
Hassle Free - No Bulb Replacement Needed
With the long lifespan of LED light, there is no need to constantly change your light bulb - and reduce garbage waste.
(Brightness = 50lx / Luminous flux = 450lm / 8W LED light = 60W Incandescent lamp) Same Brightness at Lower Energy Consumption.
Cool Daylight colour for general use.
Light Evenness
LED Cover has diffusion materials that produce even light distribution.

Comfortable - 1/f Yuragi* (Natural Breeze)

These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze. By this sophisticated formula, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans gives you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.
Current function : rhythm breeze
This regulator pattern decreases the body temperature after a period of time. Thereafter, you may feel anxious and uncomfortable when the wind velocity changes.
New Function : 1/f Yuragi
Incorporated with this human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm maintains your external body temperature by giving you a feeling of natural wind when there is a change of wind velocity.

Excellent - 3D BLADE (Powerful Airflow)

With the exclusive and unique 3D blade design, it provides a smooth and strong air flow while maintaining operating noise in low level.

Caring - Sleep Mode

These fan are equipped with Sleep Mode, by which fan speed and timer will gradually reduce until the fan is off. This function not only creates an optimal sleeping environment but also enhances energy saving as well.Note:
- Sleep mode is disabled at speed 1 and 1 hour setting.
- Operation patter will be different subject to different model and setting, please refer to the operation instruction for details.

LCD Remote Controller

All functions can be operated by simply using the LCD remote controller. With clear speed selection, timer indication and mode selection displayed at the LCD panel, it provides great convenience and ease for you to operate.On/Off Button
Press On/Off Button to activate or deactivate the ceiling fan
Yuragi Button
One touch button for natural breeze
Timer Setting Button
1-8 hours Off Timer Setting
Speed Button
From slow speed to cooling environment in 9-speed selection
Sleep Mode Button
2-8 hour Sleep Timer function. To gradually reduce fan speed according to the time setting

Safety Policy by Panasonic

Preventive Measures For SafetyPanasonic aims to minimize and reduce accidents to occur. Thus, Panasonic practices safety policy to prevent any dangerous mishaps.
To pursue a higher quality of life, ceiling fans are expected to have more functions and value added features. However, it is also crucial to consider the safety and reliability features of the fan when you select a ceiling fan.
Prevention of body falling off
Safety Wire and Cut-off Safety Switch
Prevention of blade falling off
Safety Blade Hook
Prevention motor from overheating
Safety Fuse

Cut-off Safety Switch

If there is any damage at either the shaft or the bolt due to improper installation, abnormal wobbling from fan will occur when it operates. The damage will cause the shaft or the bolt to break if the fan continues to operate.
Preventive Measures
When there is excessive wobbling, the safety cut-off switch will be triggered and power supply will be cut off. The cut-off switch works by detaching the lever from the switch and the fan will stop.
If Motor stops
Stop using immediately and seek contact for qualified installers or authorized Panasonic service dealers for assistance.

Safety Blade Hook

The fan blade may detach from the fan motor should there be improper installation coupled with the fan blade wearing off, deformed blade shape or stronger wind blowing to the fan.
Preventive Measures
The broken blade will be visibly hanging with the aid of safety blade hook when the fan is functioning (as shown in the picture) as an indication.
If Blade breaks
Stop using immediately and seek contact for qualified installers or authorized Panasonic service dealers for assistance.

Safety Wire

Due to improper installation or should malfunction occur, the fan motor may detached from the pipe rod due to factors such as wearing of shaft bolt, etc.
Preventive Measures
The safety wire helps to secure the fan motor with the ceiling hook to prevent the motor from falling when the fan motor detaches from the pipe rod.
If need shorter/longer pipe
Contact qualified installers or authorized Panasonic service dealers for assistance.
Use the original pipe rod
Original pipe rod comes with the safety wire and safety cut-off switch in line with Panasonic safety policy. Also, do ensure the pipe rod is fully tightened to the motor shaft. (Bolt tightening torque is 800 – 1200 N.com)

Wobbling Reduction Mechanism

Constant wobbling will cause the bolt, motor shaft and pipe rod to wear off which may cause breakage or falling of the fan to happen should the condition worsened.
Preventive Measures
The newly developed anti-wobbling structure helps to reduce wobbling between bolt, motor shaft and pipe rod. It can minimize the parts from wearing off and prevents from detaching the fan.


Fan Size (inch/cm)48”/120cm
Power Consumption (W)(Low)21
Fan Speed (RPM)(Low)80
Air Velocity (m/min) (Low)185
Air Delivery (m³/min)187
Length from pully to PCB cover (mm)327
Length from pully to blade (mm)209
ColourDark Grey
DC Motor TechnologyYes
LED LightingYes
Temperature SensorNo
Remote ControlYes
Enhance Safety FeaturesYes


3 Mode Selections

 Width: 1200mm (48"), Height: 327mm

Dark Grey



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