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"Keep your food fresher for longer with PANASONIC NR-YW590YMMM - the ultimate 4-door fridge with Prime Freeze & Fresh technology!"

PRIME+ Edition NR-YW590YMMM 

The Panasonic NR-YW590YMMM is a premium 4-door fridge with a 583L capacity and a sleek dark mirror finish. It features Prime Freeze & Fresh technology to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time, while the innovative nanoe X technology helps to eliminate bacteria and odors.

This fridge also comes with a range of advanced features, including a touch control panel, LED lighting, and a smart inverter compressor for energy-efficient performance. With its spacious interior and high-end features, the Panasonic NR-YW590YMMM is an excellent choice for those who want a premium fridge that delivers exceptional performance and style.

Certainly! Here are 10 reasons why you might consider buying the PANASONIC NR-YW590YMMM 583L PRIME FREEZE & FRESH NANOE X PREMIUM 4 DOOR FRIDGE -DARK MIRROR:

  1. Large capacity: With a 583L capacity, this fridge provides ample space for all your groceries and more.

  2. Prime Freeze & Fresh: This feature helps to preserve the freshness and nutrients of your food, making it last longer.

  3. Nanoe X technology: The fridge is equipped with Nanoe X technology, which helps to deodorize and sanitize the air inside the fridge, keeping it clean and hygienic.

  4. Premium design: The dark mirror finish gives the fridge a sleek and modern look that will complement any kitchen.

  5. Four-door design: The four-door design allows for easy access to all compartments, making it easy to organize your groceries.

  6. Energy-efficient: The fridge is energy-efficient, which means it will help you save money on your electricity bills.

  7. Smart features: The fridge comes with smart features such as voice control and remote monitoring, making it easy to control and monitor your fridge from your smartphone or other devices.

  8. Adjustable shelves: The shelves are adjustable, which means you can customize the interior of the fridge to suit your needs.

  9. LED lighting: The fridge is equipped with LED lighting, which provides bright and even illumination throughout the interior of the fridge.

  10. Quiet operation: The fridge operates quietly, which means you won't be disturbed by any loud noises while it's running.

Fresh and Hygienic Food Storage For Healthy Eating 

Premium 4-door Refrigerator NR-YW590YMMM

The PRIME+ Edition brings you a high level of premium quality design that stores food in ideal conditions. The unique freezing technology seals in freshness and nutrients to preserve food quality, making healthy meal preparation easier for you.

Features Rapid Freezing

Seals In Freshness & Flavours

The speed at which ingredients are frozen changes how they taste. Prime Freeze freezes food at approx. 5 times* faster to suppress the damage of cells. This helps to minimise dripping after defrosting, keeping food at its most delicious state.

5X Faster Freezing With Powerful Airflow

An aluminium plate quickly cools food while Prime Freeze generates a powerful flow of cold air to speed up the freezing process.

How It Works

How It Works

A dedicated duct and fan generate a powerful flow of cold air in the Prime Freeze compartment, while an aluminum plate absorbs cold air and removes heat from food for rapid freezing and cooling.

3 Key Modes

3 Key Modes

Prime Freeze comes with 3 Key Modes to suit a variety of needs: Rapid Freezing, Quick Cooling, and Cool Down.

Seals In Freshness & Nutrients

Rapid Freezing Mode lets the mouthwatering, umami flavours of meat shine and ensures that frozen food stays delicious even after defrosting.

No Cell Damage
Prime Freeze rapidly freezes food and prevents ice crystals from forming and destroying cells. This preserves maximum flavour and nutrients so you can take your cooking to the next level.

Seals In Freshness & Nutrients

Minimises Drippings
Regular freezing causes the flavours in meat to seep out through dripping. Rapid Freezing solves this by sealing in moisture and maintaining the original taste and texture of meat.

Preserves Vegetables & Prevents Discolouration

Prime Freeze helps fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer while preventing unsightly discolouration due to frost formation.

Locks In Flavours & Textures

Prime Freeze’s Rapid Freezing technology prevents cell damage in food caused by ice crystals. This means juiciness is retained even after defrosting with no loss of umami flavours.

Deep-Fried Food Stays Crispy & Juicy
Regular freezing often results in deep-fried food turning soggy after defrosting. With Prime Freeze, moisture in the ingredients is rapidly frozen, preventing transfer to the batter so food remains juicy and crispy.

Bread Stays Fluffy & Tasty
Bread in regular freezers can turn dry and lumpy due to moisture loss and ice crystals moving towards the bread’s exterior. Prime Freeze maintains the soft and fluffy texture of bread by suppressing moisture evaporation and keeping water molecules in place.

*Experimental conditions: Two slices of commercially available bread cut into slices of approx. 25 mm (equivalent to 5 slices) were placed on an aluminum plate in the Prime Freeze room, rapidly frozen, and then placed in a storage bag. In the case of standard freezing, the bread was placed in a storage bag and frozen in a freezer. After defrosting, it was stored in a freezer for 2 weeks. The bread was then toasted in a toaster. (Measurements performed in-house.)

Freezing Technology
that Simplifies Your Routines

Whether you’re cooking for the family, friends or just yourself, eating well matters—especially in today’s fast-changing world. Prime Freeze makes it easy to prepare and freeze healthy meals even during busy days.

Healthy Meals Begin in Your Freezer

Often the prep in the kitchen takes more time than the cooking itself. The Prime Freeze modes provide you with multiple methods to prepare meals, enriching your lifestyle with endless ways to enjoy convenient, healthy eating.

Longer-lasting fruits & veggies

Now you can enjoy nutritious fruits and vegetables anytime you want. Just cut and freeze them, and they’ll stay fresh and tasty without discolouration. The rapid freezing keeps the pieces from sticking together, so you can use just the amount you need.

Buy in bulk to reduce grocery trips

Buying fresh produce in bulk can save you time, energy and money as it cuts down on trips to the grocery store. Just portion out the produce and freeze as quickly as possible to seal in the freshness.

Ready-to-eat meals for busy days

Have a hectic work schedule or family life? Keep your healthy eating on track by cooking meals or sauces during the weekends and freezing them. Just reheat on busy days to enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal.

Yummy sides and snacks to savour

Homemade favourites like fried chicken and spring rolls can now be frozen without compromising on taste, retaining their original flavour and texture after reheating. They’re also healthier without preservatives.

Season ahead to intensify flavours

Quick Cooling helps speed up the seasoning process so you spend less time in the kitchen. As sauces and marinades penetrate faster into the food, you get to whip up delightful flavour-packed meals in no time at all.

Cools food quickly to save you time

When your baby is hungry and cranky, you don't want to wait a long time for the food to cool down. Well, good thing then that this handy function cools down baby food, hot soup or porridge in just 5 minutes!

Ready to serve in a jiffy

Easily chill and set homemade desserts such as pudding in double quick time. You can chill too knowing you’ll always have something to serve unexpected guests or friends at short notice.

7 Days* Freshness for Fish & Meat

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