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PANASONIC 465L 2-door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Glass Door Series NR-BX471WGKM

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2-door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator NR-BX471WGKM Glass Door Series 7 days Freshness for Fish and Meat

Panasonic refrigerators support healthy lifestyles to create fresh moments every day. Prime Fresh -3ºC soft freezing keeps food fresh, nutritious and makes cooking preparation easy as no defrosting is needed.

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269972.jpg.pub.crop.pc.thumb.640.1200.jpg

Features Faster Soft Freezing Keeps Food Fresh with Prime Fresh+

Prime Fresh freezes meat and fish lightly at approx. -3°C.
 Food soft frozen in this way retains freshness for about 7 days*² without the need to defrost.
 Select the Prime Fresh+ mode to soft freeze food about four times faster.*¹

  • Description: Prime Fresh FREEZING

Description: Faster Soft Freezing Keeps Food Fresh with Prime Fresh+

Cook Healthy Meals Every Day with Prime Fresh+ Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269205.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png Keeps Freshness Longer

Prime Fresh uses an approx. -3°C airflow to softly freeze and keep food fresh without freezing.

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269206.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png Retains Nutrients

Prime Fresh seals the nutrients and flavors of meat and fish, rejoice the great taste of nutrients in every bite.

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269207.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png Easy to Cut

Prime Fresh soft freezes food so that each ingredient is ready to cut without any need for defrosting.

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269208.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png Easy to Separate

Food soft frozen can be easily separated to use and eat piece by piece.

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269209.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png Easy to Scoop

You can easily scoop out just the desired amount of soft frozen cooked food.

  • Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269210.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png

Faster Seasoning

Seasoned food stored at approx. -3°C opens gaps between cells to let in flavors quicker.

Description: Faster Seasoning

Description: Easy to Separate

Description: Easy to Scoop

Description: Faster Seasoning

Superior Hygiene for Prime Fresh+

Blue Ag eliminates 99.99%* of bacteria passively through the combined functions of the Blue Ag filter and Blue LED light.

*Tested by Suedsachsen Wasser GmbH, Germany. Testing method: ISO 22196:2007

  • Description: Blue Ag

Description: Superior Hygiene for Prime Fresh+

Anti-bacterial Effect

The silver ions deactivate 99.9%*³ of bacterial growth on the Ag filter and remove unpleasant odors.

*The photo uses the NR-BX421WGK model.

Description: Anti-bacterial Effect

Moisture Retained for Vegetable Storage

The 90%* humidity and constant temperature provides the ideal conditions to store and keep fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp longer.

*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Description: Moisture Retained for Vegetable Storage

Minimalist Flat Design

The full-flat door and slim touch panel present a sleek linear appearance while letting you take complete control of the settings with a light touch of the finger.

Description: Minimalist Flat Design

Save Energy Intelligently

Four kinds of ECONAVI sensors monitor daily refrigerator usage. The Inverter compressor optimizes cooling performance to reduce energy consumption.

Description: Save Energy Intelligently

4 Kinds of Intelligent ECONAVI Sensors

Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269217.jpg.pub.thumb.644.644.jpg

Description: Light Sensor

Description: Internal Temperature Sensor

1Light Sensor

The light sensor detects the surrounding brightness. It distinguishes between day and night.

Description: Light Sensor

2Door Sensor

The frequency of refrigerator use differs according to work-style, family size and many other factors. The door sensor detects frequency of fridge and freezer doors open and close.

Description: Door Sensor

3Room Temperature Sensor

The room temperature sensor detects the ambient temperature around the fridge everyday.

Description: Room Temperature Sensor

4Internal Temperature Sensor

The internal temperature sensors detect the temperature inside each fridge, freezer, and Prime Fresh compartment for better optimization.

Description: Internal Temperature Sensor

Experience Augmented Reality

  • Description: https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/pim/my/en/NR/NR-BX4/NR-BX471WGK/ast-1269222.jpg.pub.thumb.319.319.png



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Description: Photo of 2-door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator NR-BX471WGKM Glass Door Series

Size and Weight









*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

Capacity: 420 L (TCVN 7828:2016)
 Door Material: Glass
 Color: Black

Prime Fresh+ keeps meat and fish fresh longer without defrosting.

Blue Ag eliminates bacteria in the Prime Fresh case.

Ag Clean deactivates bacteria and suppresses odors in the refrigerator.

ECONAVI saves energy with four types of sensors.

INVERTER adjusts power via flexible control of the compressor.



  • Gross Capacity (MS IEC62552:2016)
    • Total
      • 465 L
  • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
    • 329 L
  • Freezer Compartment (FC)
    • 136 L
  • Vegetable compartment (VC)
    • -
  • Rated Capacity (MS IEC62552:2016)
    • Total
      • 420 L
  • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
    • 308 L
  • Freezer Compartment (FC)
    • 112 L
  • Vegetable compartment (VC)
    • -
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)

o    686 x 697 x 1790 mm

  • Defrost Type

o    Electric PCB Control

  • Standard / Regulation

o    IEC 60335-1:2010, IEC 60335-2-24:2005
 MS IEC 62552:2016

  • Energy Consumption

o    407 kWh/year

  • Energy Level

o    4 Stars

  • Net Weight

o    74 kg

  • Gross Weight

o    81 kg

  • Voltage

o    220-240 V

  • Hertz

o    50 Hz

  • Number of Doors

o    2

  • Door Color

o    Black

  • Door Material

o    Glass

  • Control Panel

o    Yes (Outside of fridge door/ Electrostatic Touch)


  • Vegetable Storage

o    Vegetable Case (Fresh Safe)

  • Special Storage

o    Yes (Prime Fresh+)

  • Door Pockets

o    Yes

  • Height Adjustable Shelves

o    Yes

  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

o    -

  • Shelf Material

o    Tempered Glass

  • Egg Tray

o    Yes

  • Utility Box

o    -

  • Water Dispenser

o    -

  • LED Light

o    Yes

  • Power Control

o    Yes

  • Ag Clean

o    Yes

  • Blue Ag

o    Yes (Prime Fresh case)


  • Separate Storage

o    Yes (3 Cases)

  • Shelves

o    -

  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

o    -

  • Shelf Material

o    -

  • Automatic Ice Maker

o    -

  • Twist Ice Tray

o    Yes

  • Ice Case/Box

o    Yes

  • Quick Freezing

o    Yes

  • Quick Ice Making

o    Yes

  • Power Control

o    Yes


  • Energy Saving

o    Yes


o    Yes

  • Compressor

o    Inverter

  • Refrigerant

o    R600a

  • Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane

o    Yes

  • Door Alarm

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