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MITSUBISHI EX-25SC5T 10" Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan

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"Experience the ultimate freshness with the Mitsubishi EX-25SC5T 10" Ceiling Mount Exhaust Fan. Elevate your indoor air quality today!"

6″ Plastic Grille Ventilator

Ceiling type model without ventilation pipe. Operates quietly, energy efficient and easy to clean. Suitable for shop, working room, living room & kitchen.

• 3 Years Motor Warranty
 • Premium Safety Standard
 • Non-Self Flammable Material
 • Double Fuse Protection
 • Conceal Motor
 • Exhaust Type

Model / Size
 EX-15SC6T (6 inch)
 EX-20SC5T (8 inch)
 EX-25SC5T (10 inch)







Grill Dimension W x H x D (mm)

250 x 241 x 20

330 x 320 x 20

380 x 372 x 20

Ceiling Recess Size (mm)


250 x 250

300 x 300

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage (V)

220 - 240

230 - 240

230 - 240

Frequency (Hz)




Power Consumption (W)

10 -12

17 - 19

22 - 23


1500 - 1600

1320 - 1340

920 - 980

Air Flow Rate (m3/h)

240 - 260

470 - 480

640 - 680

Air Flow Rate (CFM)

141 - 153

277 - 283

377 - 400

Noise (dB)

34 - 37


38 - 40

Weight (kg)




Main features

Description: Fan-3-Years-Motor-Warranty

3 Years Motor Warranty For A Peace Of Mind

Should your fan encounter a defect in the motor material or workmanship, Mitsubishi Electric will provide you with a replacement fan free of charge. This warranty applies only to the fan motor and its electronic controls such as handheld or wall controls, control receivers, and electronic components.

Description: mitsubishi_ventilation_fans-humidity-6inc-plastic-grille-ventilator

Humidity and Pest-resistant Plastic Grille

The plastic material used for the ventilator grille is resistant to damages from humidity and prevents insects from entering into the unit. The fan is safe to be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and toilets.

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Operates-Quietly-&-Energy-Efficient

Operates Quietly & Energy Efficient

Elegant and discreet, Mitsubishi Electric window-mounted ventilators operate quietly without noise disturbances while saving energy with highly efficient motors.

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Extra-Winglet-Fan

Extra Winglet Fan

Engineered based on the scientific principles of an aircraft’s winglet, which controls the direction of airflow and reduces air vortex which causes noise disturbances, reducing noise levels by as much as 2.5 dB.

Product Safety & Quality

Helps you and your family to be comfortable and free from worries for safety with Mitsubishi Electric ventilators.

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Premium-Safety-Standards

Premium Safety Standards

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Non-Flammable

Non Self-Flammable Materials

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Current-Fuse-&-Thermal-Fuse

Double Fuse Protection

Description: Ventilation-Fans-Conceal-Motor

Conceal Motor Reasons to choose
 Mitsubishi Electric Wall
 Ventilation Fans.

Learn more about how Mitsubishi Electric ventilation fans can meet the needs of just about any building.

Tips on Choosing the Right Ventilation Fan for Your Rooms

First, calculate the capacity of the room and multiply by the required air exchange rate for the type of room. You can refer to the tables in the 3rd image. In offices for example, the capacity should be multiplied by 6, while for kitchens you multiply it by 15. This gives the airflow rate you should go for in a ventilation fan.

Description: Ventilation_Fan_01

Description: Ventilation_Fan_02

Description: Ventilation_Fan_03

Description: Ventilation_Fan_04

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